11.22.63 (Miniseries, 2016)

11.22.63★★★★☆ – 4 stars.

If you had a time travel machine and you could change anything, what would you like to change? Would you think, that this change will only have positive effects or is there such a thing as “fate” and is it impossible to change the future? The main character in this exciting miniseries based on the thriller “22/11/63” written by Stephen King, is about to find out.

In the miniseries “22/11/63” cafe owner Al Templeton (played by Chris Cooper), has found a way into the past in the form of a cabinet in his diner. This cabinet always leads back to October 1960. It does not matter how long you live in the past, you always comes back two minutes later than when you went in. Al has made it his life’s goal to prevent the assassination of JFK, because he believes that it would make life in the present a lot more comfortable, because a number of events would never have happened (the so-called butterfly effect).


Unfortunately, Al never managed to prevent the assassination from happening. Because he went back so often to the past to change it. He has changed into a very old man and he is unable to make more attempts. When he return for the last time, Al is alone with Jake Epping (played by James Franco), who believes that Al, who only was gone for two minutes, seems like a old person, not looking too well. Al decides it’s time to pass over the baton to Jake …

I thought it was a very well thought-out series. There is a great eye for detail. Al has spend a lot of time in the past, so he has figured out how you can live in there, without being noticed too much. The easiest way to make money is to gamble on boxing matches on witch you already know the outcome. Then you can buy your clothes, a house and a car. You can look for a house conveniently close to Lee Harvey Oswald (played by Daniel Webber), the man who will commit the assassination of JFK. Because yes: You have to make sure that you have the right guy.


Of course not everything goes according to plan, and Jake (who has since gone under the name of James Amberson) helps a boy he knows in the present. Making Bill Turcotte (played by George MacKay) unintentionally his accomplice. Jake falls in love with the beautiful Sadie Dunhill (played by Sarah Gadon). But Sadie is still married to John Clayton (played by T. R. Knight), who does not intend to let Sadie go without a fight. Betting in different cities also turns out to be a mistake, because these gambling halls are owned by the same guy who sees this as theft. A meeting with a number of people results in Jake waking up in the hospital. Not knowing where he is and what he has to do…


“11/22/63” is a very exciting miniseries! The ex-husband of Sadie really is a creep. It is trilling to see if Jake can continue his mission, or if it al falls apart and everything is in vain…. I will not spoil the story here.

What I am going to reveal is that, it is almost inevitable that you will need a box of tissues at the end of this miniseries. Both me and my boyfriend have shed some tears over it.

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